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“Kochi’s Traditional Crafts: Tosa Hamono(Tosa Blades)/ Precious Coral” (vol.68) December, 2017 PDF
   “Traditional crafts are made from the materials produced in the local area, using traditional methods and the craftsperson’s technique.”
   Kochi Prefecture has many traditional crafts, generally termed Tosa-[something], including Tosa Washi (Paper), Tosa Kawara (Tosa Roof Tiles), Tosa Shikkui (Tosa Plaster), Tosa Kodai-nuri (Tosa Lacquering), Tosa Dako (Tosa Kites), Tosa Binchotan (Tosa Charcoal). Many of these crafts involve traditional technologies that have been passed down for over 1000 years, and support Kochi's exceptional traditional industries.
   This time we would like to introduce Tosa Hamono (Tosa Blades) and Hoseki Sango (Precious Coral). Whilst looking back at the history of these crafts, we went in search of the special works of the craftspeople that make them.