Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ryoma Burger

   How can Tosa Wave do an issue on local grub and not feature something katsuo (bonito) flavoured? We can’t! At 5019 (pronounced go-in-gu) is the mega “Ryoma Burger”. Measuring up to 20cm in height and 15cm in width, it is a burger not to be challenged by the faint-hearted.

   Inside the bun you can find lettuce, tomato, eggplant, fried egg, meat patty, cheese, green capsicum and tuna made from katsuo. To eat it they recommend squashing it with the foil it’s served in. Definitely not recommended on a date.

   Their inspiration for the burger is said to have come from Ryoma’s tall frame and of course, his big ambitions.

   You can try this and many other menus at 5019, to the west side of Central Park in Kochi City.

5019 website: (Japanese only)

Taken from vol.40 PDF

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